How to Write the Introduction of your Masters Dissertation

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Learning to Write the Introduction of Your Masters Dissertation

A master’s dissertation is the last submission you will work on in your postgraduate course or go to – website. The significance of this write-up demands a keen eye from students. Getting the introduction of the master’s dissertation right is crucial to enhancing the quality of your submission.

The introductory section presents numerous challenges for students. Mostly, the scholars lack the expertise necessary to know all the key elements to include in this part. Additionally, they do not know when they should start penning down their introduction. This article attempts to demystify the intricacies of compiling your master’s dissertation.

Why You Should Write this Section Last

It may seem counterproductive to write the initial sections of the paper last. Nevertheless, it is crucial to enhance cohesion within the master’s dissertation. For starter, the introductory chapter provides a foundation for the rest of the paper. Thus, it should give a brief summary of the student’s efforts to conduct the study. Plus, the conclusion should provide a call back to the first section.

You need to save as much time as possible when you are working on your master’s dissertation. The piece is long and involving, but schools often allow students to spend months on their projects. Nevertheless, you should anticipate changing your focus or ideas while you are writing the paper. If you had written your introduction before, you would need to keep changing it. So, write it last so that you do not spend more time developing the section than necessary.

Things to Include in Your Introduction

You need to start off by giving a preliminary background context for your master’s dissertation. Ground your research by informing your leaders how you decided to tackle the central thesis of the write-up. Additionally, the background serves to provide some practicality to your master’s dissertation since it shows how the problem you are writing about presents itself in a real-life context.

Clarify what your master’s dissertation will focus on. Highlighting your intentions is not the same as stating the objectives and research questions. This part of the paper discusses the significance of the topic according to the background you previously provided.

Follow this up with an appropriate justification for carrying out the study. Why should your readers care about the topic you have chosen? What kind of contribution will your master’s dissertation offer to what we know about the subject?

Finally, include the research objectives and questions. These items should be specific to avoid taking unnecessary tangents in your writing. Moreover, each issue should stem from a related target to maintain consistency in your master’s dissertation. Concluding the introductory section of the paper involves providing a short summary of the areas you have covered.

In summary, you should strive to avoid rushing through this part of the master’s dissertation. Although it serves a preliminary purpose, it is the first section people will read. Thus, focus on providing a solid base for the study early on. Do not have a rigid approach to your paper.


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