How to Introduce a Dissertation in English Literature

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How to Work around the Introduction

Dissertations are as challenging to English Literature students as they are to any other student and ask about order a paper essay. This demanding paper has a knack of getting out the best and worst of students. First, writing a dissertation will take weeks, if not months. Therefore, if the student is not diligent and deliberate with the available resources, it might become an arduous task.

Several elements go into writing a proper dissertation. For starters, the student has to work on the topic they wish to address in the paper. A student should always consult with their supervisor before they are confident of developing the subject. Why? On the one hand, a student might choose a broad topic that will run them too thin. On the other hand, he or she might go with a focused topic that might restrict them in terms of content available.

With that explicitly highlighted, this article seeks to shed more light on what it takes to write a solid introduction for your dissertation. As an English literature student, you have probably worked on essays in all possible types of essays. Therefore, it should come as a relief that working on your dissertation will build on the skills you acquired working on such assignments.

Nevertheless, the process is merely not a reductive as it may come off. Writing your dissertation, at a minimum, will require plenty of thorough planning. It helps you to have a clear path of progression and a time plan you can stick to. Most of this time will probably be taken up by research. However, you will also have the autonomy to work your own way through, including what you decide to handle in the dissertation.

Writing an Introduction

Over the years, academic circles have standardized how most papers should be written and structured. When it comes to the introduction of a dissertation, it should capture all the following aspects.

  • It should show the background of your research. This bit helps to contextualize your current assignment.
  • It should definitively demonstrate the focus of your research.
  • It should also show the significance and relevance of your study in your area of interest.

Additionally, the introduction should also include the specific objectives that you seek to accomplish.

As a general rule, the first part of the introduction is designated for the background of the study. After all, the reader has to get a clear idea of what they are about to delve into. As for the other aspects, you can include them in whichever order you find suitable. Furthermore, you might also be at liberty to add more information in the introduction. Consult your English department for clarification.

The introduction should also have appropriate headings and subheadings. It follows to show that the structure should be maintained as you would in an essay. Therefore, each paragraph should hold its own vital ideas. Moreover, the paragraphs should tie together in a coherent and systematic flow. As for the desired length, the introduction should consist of roughly 6% of the entire dissertation.

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