How does the bachelor thesis defend? Here’s how to prepare for it

The harder part of the bachelor thesis is of course its writing, but in some cases it is not easy to defend it, especially when the opinions do not sound very helpful. How does the bachelor thesis defend? Here’s how to handle it and what to remember.

How long it takes to defend a bachelor thesis

In some schools, the defense of a bachelor thesis is a formality, elsewhere it can be a hard work. At other institutions, this also varies across faculties or departments. It is no harm to find out specific information about the circumstances of your school. From the difficulty of the defense is also the expected length, which is often found in the relevant documents of the department, on which you write the work.

In general, however, it is usually between 10 and 30 minutes. Nevertheless, the decisive factor is also the quality of the work itself, or the stamps proposed in the assessments of the supervisor and the opponent. The more deficiencies they have found, the longer and tougher the defense can be assumed. In particular, you should adapt the length of your training to the assessment of work.

How the defense of the bachelor thesis goes

The course of defense of the bachelor thesis differs slightly between individual institutions, therefore it is necessary to get specific information from the supervisor or on the website of the relevant department. At the defense of the thesis, there is a committee, which usually consists of the supervisor, the opponent of the thesis and other members of the department. However, in some schools, a leader or opponent may not be present.

How the defense of a bachelor thesis looks like

And how does the defense of the bachelor thesis proceed? You usually start defending work as a student – you say your name, the name of your work, and according to the circumstances of your school you get a few minutes (rather than a few dozen) to introduce your work. Then the members of the commission will ask you questions from the supervisor’s and supervisor’s opinions. Finally, they will send you out and advise you on the result, which they will then tell you.

But they can ask you anything else, whether it is a supplementary question to the job itself or something more general. Often you have questions about your own opinion on the issue, be sure to ask yourself why you chose the topic.

What should the defense of the bachelor thesis look like?

And how to prepare for bachelor thesis defense? At a time when you are speaking alone, it is a good idea to write at least an outline on the paper. Whether your department requires presentation or not, your defense structure should be roughly as follows:

  • the topic of the work – you will first brief the Commission on the issues you have examined
  • goal of the thesis – you will also introduce the specific goal of the thesis, or the hypothesis you tested
  • methods of work – you will also describe the methods by which you have attempted to fulfill the goal (if you have a work divided into a theoretical and a practical part, you can divide it, but focus more on the more important practical part), you can also mention the literature from which you drew
  • conclusions of the work – at the end you will introduce the most important conclusions of your work

In presenting your work, in short time, you should distill the most important of your work. If you have a problem with it, it will help you look at the abstract of your bachelor thesis, where you basically did the same. Also, prepare the answers to the questions from the testimonials or other reservations. It is no harm to read the work again the day before the defense.