Elements of an Undergraduate Dissertation Introduction

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What to Include in an Undergraduate Dissertation Introduction

The first sections of an undergraduate dissertation—the summary and introductory parts—are briefings of the entire paper. It may seem counterintuitive to finish your piece by writing these items last. However, this may help you with ensuring you have included all the nuances of your dissertation. So, what should you cover in the introduction of the undergraduate submission? Anyway, you can ask to write my essays online quickly.

Providing a Background to the Undergraduate Dissertation

Before you start defining the terms of your dissertation, it helps provide a background for the study. This subsection allows you to tell the reader why they should care about your research. Start off by using about five to seven sources that provide historical and contextual information for the paper.

Define the influence the content has on your dissertation and any terminologies you will use in the write-up. Try to strike the sweet spot in terms of the word count for this section—do not add unnecessary fluff or make your explanation too brief. The aim of this part is to lead the reader to the intended focus of the dissertation.

Explaining the Focus of Your Undergraduate Dissertation

What do you want to achieve with your undergraduate dissertation? Does this intent follow from the background you laid out in the previous subsection? Answering these questions is essential in creating a coherent focus for the research. You can achieve this by elaborating on why the topic is significant to the field.

Justify the Undergraduate Dissertation

Merely explaining why your project is significant may not suffice to provide enough justification for the dissertation. As such, tell the reader how your study intends to contribute to the field’s current body of knowledge. It may be that the problem you have chosen to tackle has not been comprehensively addressed by other researchers.

Discussing the Research Questions and Objectives

Your undergraduate dissertation objectives show the line you want to follow in the research. The aim of the paper is quite distinct from the targets. For instance, the latter contributes to realizing the former. So, do not use these terms interchangeably in the article.

Some students rewrite one objective and make it another entry in their dissertation. However, each of these strategies should be distinct and clear so that they are not ambiguous in their contribution to the undergraduate thesis. Ensure your objectives are concerned with the focus of the paper. Moreover, they should be achievable objectives that you will realize by the end of the piece.

Your research questions are formulations from the objectives you wrote down. Again, they should be geared towards achieving the overall aim of the undergraduate dissertation. Match each purpose to a corresponding question.

In summary, you should ask your supervisor, school for a detailed structure for your undergraduate dissertation. Once you know the sections they expect, you can start planning for the study. The guideline given above does not cover all the integral elements of this write-up. Thus, you need to do more research to learn all the critical parts of the introduction.


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