Do you need help writing a thesis? What are the prices, options and risks

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Do you expect to submit an important academic text? Do you know what to do with it and need professional help? We’ve looked at your options for you.

Academic texts are a necessary part of every university study. Whether it is a semester text of a smaller type or a bachelor thesis, there are many ways to get help with the work done.

Writing Academic Text

At the moment, there are many companies that offer complete writing of your text. It can be not only a seminar work, but also a bachelor or a diploma.

Companies have so-called “background papers” for you, which you can then use in part or in full. Frequently, you will find consultations, proofreading, stylistic adjustments, all anonymously and discreetly. The advantage is that these companies are able to provide you with lists of recommended literature and can write a job basically on any topic.

Who will help me write my bachelor thesis

Another option is to use services from individuals who advertise their offers mainly on the Internet. This work is mostly dealt with by teachers of English or philologists of the English language.

What is the cost of writing a bachelor’s degree?

In principle, the price of texts varies according to the type of work. If you are of a smaller type, you usually pay about 20$ for one standard page. In the case of graduate work, here the amounts range from 30 to 40 $ per standard page. Some agencies offer papers for rigorous, MBA or habilitation work. Here prices go up to 50$.

Generally, we can say that writing a bachelor thesis could cost you 1,000 $. It is no secret that some college teachers also make their living writing bachelor’s books. Most of the time you pay for it, because the educators justify the experience and knowledge in the field. The price can be up to $ 4,000.

What is the danger?

If you use the services of an academic writing agency, we recommend that you be very careful. If it is found that you did not write the text, it will be plagiarism. The copyright of academic texts always belongs to the author who wrote it. You may be threatened with exclusion from school.

All these companies are committed to anonymity, discretion and originality of the texts. These pages then control the content of the work and reveal fraudulent or copied work.

You must bear in mind that agencies that feed on writing do not take any responsibility. It is absolutely legal to advertise your services. In addition, all companies offer “background processing”, which does not necessarily mean writing the whole text.