Binding Bachelor Thesis: How can you save as much money as possible?

The condition for successful completion of the bachelor’s degree is the submission of the bachelor thesis. Its offerings can be found in Prague, Brno, but also in Olomouc or Ostrava.

The links between diploma and bachelor theses are mostly part of bookbinding. Perhaps the broadest range of bachelor’s and master’s theses is offered by Prague, but other cities are not to be shamed.

You can also use electronic orders

Most bookbinding in the US already has its website. It thus not only gives its customers a price list of their services, but also offers the possibility to order the link of the bachelor thesis electronically.

Before ordering a link, you need to know what is printed on its boards. This is usually the name of the university, the name of the author and the year of the defense.

When ordering a binding you can choose from different colors of the boards. Typically, bookbinding offers four basic colors, red, green, blue, and black. You can also choose the font color that will be on the boards. It is usually gold and silver.

The price depends on the speed of delivery

The price of the bachelor thesis increases with the speed of delivery. In practice, this means that the most expensive is the binding that bookbinders have most time for, the most expensive one is the one that is created almost while you wait.

The price of binding, which printers have about a week, ranges from 100 to 200 crowns. For express bindings, which are delivered within one or two to three hours, you will pay about once, ie about 400 crowns.

If you decide to have your bachelor thesis printed and printed, you should definitely save it in PDF format to prevent the word shifts.